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Autism prevalence has climbed in recent years, and the disorder now affects an estimated 1 in 68 children in the U.S. Julia wont appear on Sesame Street until April 10, but in preview clips she speaks in fragmented sentences, usually only when prompted. She doesnt always greet other characters or answer their questions. She also flaps her hands when shes excited and is extra sensitive to loud noises traits common in some people with autism. Still, she happily sings along to the shows theme song and plays peek-a-boo with Elmo. Ava Neyer, of Rancho Cordova, Calif., said shes looking forward to using Sesame Street to explain autism to her twin 4-year-old boys, one of whom has autism. Eric, the more withdrawn of the twins, was diagnosed with the disorder at 17 months and has a harder time making friends than Alan. She said the new Sesame Street character will paint a positive picture of autism for Eric while teaching Alan and his typically-developing classmates that different doesnt mean bad. When my son goes to kindergarten, I want the teacher and everyone to be upfront about his diagnosis, so the children will know how to interact with him, Neyer said. If the children have seen Sesame Street, if theyve seen people interacting with autistic people in a positive way, I think that would really help him be able to integrate. In one Sesame Street clip, Julia is seen making a boing-boing sound with her mouth and hopping around enthusiastically a typical behavior for some children with autism who enjoy movement and repetition. On a real school playground, students might tease the bouncing classmate, but on Sesame Street, the Muppets watch Julia and join in, creating a new playground game called boing-boing tag. Kim Tozer, executive director of Sutterville Preschool in Sacramento, Calif., said shes seen more children with autism spectrum disorder in her classroom in recent years. They are sometimes ridiculed for playing differently or not joining in group games, she said, although she teaches her students to be patient with their classmates on the spectrum.

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