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The only member of either of the two legislators staff to max out the $460 limit was Woods aide Voleck Taing who scored four suite tickets to Disney on Ice: Frozen and a parking pass from AT&T, according to a listing of the legislators gifts compiled by the Sacramento Bee . The list only includes gifts from lobbyists and companies that employ them. Wood accepted his own $297 dinner at The Kitchen from the California Cattlemens Association. In total, Wood and his staff received $2,542 worth of goodies and gifts courtesy of lobbyists in 2016. In contrast, McGuire and his team received a paltry $596 worth of loot from lobbyists over the same period. I have a general policy of not accepting gifts, McGuire said in a statement sent to the Times-Standard on Monday. There were a couple of exceptions this year that I was honored to receive from the Lake County Board of Supervisors and the South Lake County Fire Protection District after the work we all did in response to the Valley Fire, which was the third worst in our states history. Woods office did not respond to a request for comment. Members of Woods staff also received hats and breakfasts. Two members of Woods staff received $115 meals at Cafeteria 15L from the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians. According to the establishments website, Cafeteria 15L is a comfort and eclectic urban restaurant offering American comfort cuisine with a classic flair. Here are some of the expenditures reported to be received by McGuire and his staff: Three members of McGuires staff received $115 Cafeteria 15L meals from the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians in 2016. Together, those meals accounted for more than half of what the senator and his staff received as gifts from lobbyists.

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