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It’s the story of people escaping persecution. The Hmong were America’s allies fighting against the Communists in the secret war in Laos. Ly’s family fled the refugee camps of Southeast Asia and landed in America. The Hmong people are an ethnic group with their own language and culture –- but without a country. Most of them hail from Laos, but they fled to the U.S. when the Communists took over and now Minnesota and California have the largest Hmong communities in the country. “I happen to be of Hmong decent, yes,” Ly said. “Thirty-plus years ago, I came here as a refugee as a 4-year-old. And I was very fortunate to take advantage of a free public education. And I was very fortunate to attend UC Davis.” After college, he became active in the Hmong community. Back in 2007, when General Vang Pao, a hero in the Hmong community was falsely accused of plotting to overthrow the Communist government of Laos, Ly served as a rally organizer.

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